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If you’re following us on Instagram – chances are you’ve seen the text “link in bio”! Like every insta-worthy business, we have collated all the recent link-in-bio links for your convenience here! Links are in bold next to the date posted.

12th June 2024: Take the Nutritional Anti-Inflammatory Quiz here.

7th June 2024: Join the AWPT Uni Games here!

4th June 2024: Read about our adventures in Nepal here!

MAY 2024: All May we are celebrating almost 3yrs of Women’s Health Mentoring in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand by spotlighting each of the modules we have explored so far. Browse individual mini courses here, and mini course bundles, for 20% discount here!

PINNED POST: Coming up in our Women’s Health Mentorship – Join us for a FREE 7 day trial here!

PINNED POST: Training Women – Get started on training women with as much knowledge as what you’ve got for men today!

PINNED POST: Check out our Mini Course Selection Here!

3rd May 2024: Browse AWPT University selection here! Use the code CLARE for 10% off.

1st May 2024: Download out mini courses – Heart Disease For Women and Menopause !

30th April 2024: Special Considerations When Training Older Women – Full Article

16th April 2024: Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor

9th April 2024: Osteoporosis and Your Female Client Mini Course – Have it for 20% off when you purchase our Thriving Mid Life Woman Bundle here!

1st April 2024: 7 Day Free Trial: Women’s Health Mentorship here! Join us for our Business Session at 1pm Australian Eastern Time, Tuesday 2nd April FREE (included in trial)

20th March 2024: Mini Course – Get Started on Tracking Her Menstrual Cycle here!

19th March 2024: Assess Grip Strength Here!

18th March 2024: Become part of the change in Women’s Health Outcomes for Endometriosis – Mini Course “When Your Client has Endometriosis” Here!

12th March 2024: Restore Your Balance Course Series here!

9th March 2024: New Mini Course – Download The Biomechanics of the Female Body here!

8th March 2024: International Women’s Day – Overcoming Barriers to Exercise for Women

6th March 2024: Mini Course – When Your Client Has Endometriosis

27th February 2024: Full Article – 4 Things Mums Should be Training or Working Towards in the Gym

Examples of where you’ll see a full squat or crouch in a mum’s life below!

22nd February 2024: Get Women with Prolapse Training, Moving, and REHABILITATING here!

21st February 2024: FREE COURSE – Five Ways to Burpee with a Post Natal Client

20th February 2024: FREE Course – FIVE Things to Change Right Now When Working With Female Clients

20th February 2024: Why Mums Need to do a Farmers Carry!

Mum carrying child and bike

A mum carrying the carseat, nappy bag, and god knows that else

14th February 2024: View the Thriving Mid-Life Woman Bundle here!

13th February 2024: View the Training Women Better Bundle here!

13th February 2024: Some movements in her activities of daily life that will benefit from some powerlifting in the gym, below!


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10th February 2024: View the updated Pelvic Health Bundle here!

9th February 2024: View the updated Autoimmune Bundle here!

Woman with multiple sclerosis stretching

7th February 2024: Fibromyalgia and Your Female Client Mini Course!

6th February 2024: Truly Functional Deadlift for Mums

26th January 2024: The Menstrual Cycle Mini Course 

11th January 2024: Kick of this year serving your female clients at least to the same standard as your male clients. Training Women – everything you need to know to bridge the gap in your education, is $133 per month for 6mths.

9th January 2024: Unique Selling Points: IntoYou Business Mentorship module, Tuesday 1pm AEDT. Join us here!

8th January 2024: Train Women Better from TODAY – Without Doing Anything Special, Expensive, or Time-Consuming….

In other news… click here for NEW Training Women Podcast episodes !