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If you’re following us on Instagram – chances are you’ve seen the text “link in bio”! Like every insta-worthy business, we have collated all the recent link-in-bio links for your convenience here! Links are in bold next to the date posted.

PINNED POST: Coming up in our Women’s Health Mentorship – Join us for a FREE 7 day trial here!

PINNED POST: Training Women – Get started on training women with as much knowledge as what you’ve got for men today!

PINNED POST: Check out our Mini Course Selection Here!

16th April 2024: Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor

9th April 2024: Osteoporosis and Your Female Client Mini Course – Have it for 20% off when you purchase our Thriving Mid Life Woman Bundle here!

1st April 2024: 7 Day Free Trial: Women’s Health Mentorship here! Join us for our Business Session at 1pm Australian Eastern Time, Tuesday 2nd April FREE (included in trial)

20th March 2024: Mini Course – Get Started on Tracking Her Menstrual Cycle here!

19th March 2024: Assess Grip Strength Here!

18th March 2024: Become part of the change in Women’s Health Outcomes for Endometriosis – Mini Course “When Your Client has Endometriosis” Here!

12th March 2024: Restore Your Balance Course Series here!

9th March 2024: New Mini Course – Download The Biomechanics of the Female Body here!

8th March 2024: International Women’s Day – Overcoming Barriers to Exercise for Women

6th March 2024: Mini Course – When Your Client Has Endometriosis

27th February 2024: Full Article – 4 Things Mums Should be Training or Working Towards in the Gym

Examples of where you’ll see a full squat or crouch in a mum’s life below!

22nd February 2024: Get Women with Prolapse Training, Moving, and REHABILITATING here!

21st February 2024: FREE COURSE – Five Ways to Burpee with a Post Natal Client

20th February 2024: FREE Course – FIVE Things to Change Right Now When Working With Female Clients

20th February 2024: Why Mums Need to do a Farmers Carry!

Mum carrying child and bike

A mum carrying the carseat, nappy bag, and god knows that else

14th February 2024: View the Thriving Mid-Life Woman Bundle here!

13th February 2024: View the Training Women Better Bundle here!

13th February 2024: Some movements in her activities of daily life that will benefit from some powerlifting in the gym, below!


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10th February 2024: View the updated Pelvic Health Bundle here!

9th February 2024: View the updated Autoimmune Bundle here!

Woman with multiple sclerosis stretching

7th February 2024: Fibromyalgia and Your Female Client Mini Course!

6th February 2024: Truly Functional Deadlift for Mums

26th January 2024: The Menstrual Cycle Mini Course 

11th January 2024: Kick of this year serving your female clients at least to the same standard as your male clients. Training Women – everything you need to know to bridge the gap in your education, is $133 per month for 6mths.

9th January 2024: Unique Selling Points: IntoYou Business Mentorship module, Tuesday 1pm AEDT. Join us here!

8th January 2024: Train Women Better from TODAY – Without Doing Anything Special, Expensive, or Time-Consuming….

In other news… click here for NEW Training Women Podcast episodes !