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If you’re following us on Instagram – chances are you’ve seen the text “link in bio”! Like every insta-worthy business, we have collated all the recent link-in-bio links for your convenience here! Links are in bold next to the date posted.

5th December 2023: Download your free, female-inclusive pre screening questionnaire here!

4th December 2023: Join us talking PCOS with Nardia Norman for FREE when you enroll in our 7-day free trial of our Women’s Health Mentorship!

1st December 2023: Bite Sized Business coaching here!

27th November 2023: Training Women Throughout the Lifespan – Save 20%!

Mother and daughter stretching before going for a run

20th November 2023: Thriving Mid Life Woman Course Bundle – Save 20%!

17th November 2023: Lentil Risotto for Female Heart Health here!

16th November 2023: Autoimmune Bundle here

16th November 2023: Subscribe to these awesome podcasts!

  1. Exercise, Health, Fitness, and Training Tips for Women
  2. Female Fitness Myths
  3. Breaking Barriers and Women’s Health Advocacy – Purpose Driven Movement Podcast

13th November 2023: Pelvic Health Bundle – 5 courses for the price of 4!

12th November 2023: Arthritis and Exercise Mini Course here!

11th November 2023: Ante-Natal Crash Course here! Six courses for the price of 5.

10th November 2023: Meals for Women’s Health – Make balancing her hormones, boosting her brain health, and enhancing her mood EASY with a plant based diet!


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7th November 2023: enhance your walking practise here!

6th November 2023: Mini Courses (digital downloads) here

3rd November 2023: Autoimmune Bundle here

31st October 2023: Full Article – Creating an Equitable Gym Environment for Men AND Women