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IntoYou Education

Proud representatives of Burrell Education, providing revolutionary women’s wellness, fitness, and therapy education

Do you want to train women better?

Have you realised we—as health and fitness professionals —just aren’t taught enough to train women to their full potential? For example, a post-natal woman has to lift her baby, so why can’t you train her to lift?

You’re in the right place.

We, as trainers, have the power to transform our own lives and the lives of the women we train.

As the leading educator in women’s health and fitness in Australia and New Zealand, since 2007 we’ve trained hundreds of health and fitness professionals to do just that.

We place equal emphasis on theory, practical application, and business and marketing strategies, VITAL for real-world success.

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Mini Courses

Short Courses that you can Complete in an Hour

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Training Women

The minimum you need to know to train your female clients better!

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Applied Women's Physiology & Training

Level Up Your Female Anatomy and Physiology Training!

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Burrell Education

Learn how to work successfully with your pregnant and post natal clients and get amazing results.

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Business Coaching

Mini business topics to get you on your feet and flourishing in your fitness business

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Restore Your Core

For anyone who has had a baby, hernia, back problems, and more!

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Restore Your Balance Series

Balance is often not considered in fitness, but is so important for older clients in reducing injuries and keeping them training!

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How to Help Your Clients Succeed

Find out how you can change your language, the cues you give and more to help your clients achieve success

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About IntoYou

I established IntoYou in 2007, after losing faith in the fitness industry culture and gym's generally. As an ex Australian Sailing Athlete, with access to the best coaches in the world, I finished my career riddled with injuries, the full extent of which didn't become apparent until I had children of my own. This sent me down a deep dive into women's health and physiology, and what I found, quite frankly, made me angry!

To say that women are underserved in the fitness industry is an understatement. There is insufficient research, insufficient infrastructure, insufficient thinking about our bodies, minds, and needs; resulting in an environment that is contributing to women getting sick and injured.

Did you know that women are between 5 and 9x more likely to injury a ligament or tendon in the gym (depending on what paper you read)? Did you know that we're more than twice as likely to develop osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and dementia (to name just a few)? Did you know that appropriate exercise for women can prevent, slow down, and even cure these problems for us?

I am on a mission to make women's health at least equally important to men's health! If you've done the standard fitness qualification, chances are you have a massive knowledge gap when it comes to training women, and you're in the right place to change that! Amongst my own courses and mentorships, you'll find other female-led education companies for personal trainers, physio's, and massage therapists here too; because it's not about the market share or making money, it's about changing the narrative for women in the fitness and health industries. We invite you to become a part of something bigger!


SINCE 2007

Into You, Burrell Education, and AWPT all aim to revolutionise the way we, as fitness and wellness professionals, work in wellness, nutrition, soft-tissue therapy, and fitness with women throughout the lifespan! We “walk the talk” with real women on a daily basis.

Our Values


Enhance Life

Course offerings that have the potential to change lives - not by improving someone's appearance, but by improving their quality of life.

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Women First

We are an unashamedly female-focused education company - All of the company's represented here are solely dedicated to creating and delivering education to professionals serving women throughout their major lifephases.

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Business Support

We offer Business 101 with every course - because what is the point of being the best trainer for your client if you don't know how to tell your client's you're the best!

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