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Overcoming Barriers to Exercise for Women

Insufficient physical activity is a major risk factor for developing chronic disease, including mental health problems. The World Health Organisation recognises physical inactivity as a serious and growing public health problem and aims to reduce it by 10% by 2025. Globally, women are less active than men (global average of 31·7% for inactive women vs 23·4% for inactive men)1.

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is the number one barrier to exercise for women in Australia2, yet stress incontinence can be cured using movement in 80% of cases3. In this session we will discuss how to make exercise more accessible for women with pelvic floor dysfunctions, and also address other barriers to exercise.

Other barriers include:

  • Not feeling like they belong in the weights room
  • Not understanding why exercise and what types of exercise are important to them
  • Feelings of judgement; regarding their size, appearance, and ability
  • Competing demands on their time.
  • In Malaysia, one of the top barriers is transport to an appropriate facility.


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Course Description

1 CEC with Fitness Australia

1 CPD with NZ Reps

In this session we will be discussing exercise accessibility for women with pelvic floor dysfunction. In it, you can expect to:

  • Identify the top barriers to exercise in the Asia Pacific region, with special consideration to pelvic floor exercise.
  • Identify the changes you can make to your business space to help overcome those challenges.
  • Identify the changes you can make to your advertising and communication to overcome those challenges.
  • Identify key gaps in your knowledge and where to fill them.

This course will take 1-2hrs to complete.


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