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Post Natal Depletion

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1 CPD with NZ Reps

As trainers, I think we understand the condition of post natal depression, but what of depletion? How do they differ? What does it mean? And what can you do? In this course we meet Ali, who had depletion, prolapse, and a child with special needs. Let us show you how we got her bouncing again.

This course is for trainers who:

  • Want to dive deeper in to mental health across all populations
  • Want to be of greater service to thier female clients
  • Want a rounded and holistic understanding of the mental health pressures that post natal women face
  • Aren’t quite sure about what depletion is, as opposed to depression, and why it matters




Course Description

Post Natal Depletion is a condition where a new mum is overwhelmed, and often appears alongside depression and/or anxiety. Women take on a lot of new responsibilities when they have children, and they will overwhelm themselves trying to be the perfect parent while riddled with self doubt.

We know to look out for depression in our Post Natal clients, but do we know what we are looking for in regards to depletion? and are we helping her, or contributing to it with our messaging? This course is for personal trainers who want to go deeper in their post natal awareness and understanding. It’s for the trainer who doesn’t want to enforce unrealistic expectations on their post natal clients, or unknowingly buy in to the damaging messaging from the fitness industry.

You’ll get out of this course an artillery of tools for recognizing Post Natal Depletion, as well as how to help the mama in front of you, without losing her as a client. We don’t have to flog all our clients, and they don’t all have to achieve a special, skinny, look in order to be successful – in many cases, movement alone can help with self esteem, self worth, resilience, and boost energy! Be that trainer that gives the gift of less pressure to the clients who need it most!

After completing this course you will be better qualified to serve this population and especially training the mums who have made it to your session, despite all the competing pressures of her day.

IntoYou mini courses are short courses that can be completed in an hour. We release one a month, and you get it free with our Women’s Health Mentorship.