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Get More From Your Pelvic Floor

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So you’ve been doing Kegals for a hundred years, but you still can’t run without leaking… OR you’ve got a client who Just. Can’t. Feel. It…. Here are some strategies to get more from your pelvic floor training – as a trainer or client.

In this session we meet Ana, who couldn’t “find” her pelvic floor challenged Clare to bring out her A game in order to rehabilitate her.



Course Description

If you’ve been training post natal women for a while, there’s a very strong chance you’ve taught someone a Kegal, or pelvic floor lift before. However, this lift is only the start of the journey back to the sports and movements your client loves. In addition, you’ll always have one client that Just. Can’t. Feel. It… You know the one, when you ask “do you have a discernable lift?”, they screw their face up and reply “i think so…”

This course is for clients who want to build on what they’ve learned at the pelvic physio, or trainers who need extra strategies for coaching pregnant, post natal, and menopausal clients. It is for the trainer who no longer has their head in the sand regarding pelvic health, and who want to be able to deliver world class rehabilitation to their female clients. This information will get your client off the floor doing physio, to netball, crossfit, heavy lifting, or just functioning without pain or leaking!

In this session we meet Ana, who couldn’t find her pelvic floor in any of the positions Clare tried to coach her in. She challenged Clare to bring out her A game in order to rehabilitate her, including conscious and unconscious strategies to both connect, then enhance the lift she managed.

You’ll learn 4 new strategies to “hack” the pelvic floor when someone doesn’t have the skill to do it consciously, and to enhance the lift even when they do – because it takes more strength than a Kegal provides to catch a netball! We, as trainers, must be able to progress our clients off the floor and in to full, life-affirming function if we are going to truly change the lives of our female clients.

IntoYou mini courses are short courses that can be completed in an hour. We release one a month, and you get it free with our Women’s Health Mentorship.