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Truly Functional Pregnancy Exercise

IntoYou Mini Courses take just 1-2 hours and are 1 CEC each with AusActive and NZ REPS.

Please note that this is not a pregnancy qualification, please get the appropriate
education if you wish continue training your female clients through pregnancy:

Learning Outcomes for this session include:
• We will look at 5 videos of common movements that new mothers will be
expected to perform repeatedly once they have their baby, and break them
down in to gym exercises
• We will learn how to regress the gym exercises designed above in to smaller
movements that will still prepare your pregnant client for the task.
• You will gain practice in looking at posture, and identifying upper and lower
cross syndrome as they develop.
• You will learn how to prescribe mobility exercises to mitigate the postural
changes that occur during pregnancy
• You will learn how to integrate the deep core and pelvic floor in to movement
during pregnancy, reducing their risk of developing dysfunction


Course Description

The fitness industry seems to view training during pregnancy from some very rigid and limiting beliefs, particularly:

  1. That women need nurturing and conservative movement only. All modifications are actually regressions, and they shouldn’t be lifting anything heavier than their babies, ever.

  2. That women shouldn’t start anything new, therefore it is ok to continue training as you always have done.

  3. That if you haven’t already been exercising, then you shouldn’t start when you’re pregnant.

However, there are some problems with these viewpoints:

  1. If all they do is conservative, they’ll not be physically prepared for the activities of daily life that are required when they transition in to motherhood.

  2. Women may already have children that they’re lifting at home already (think 2 or 4 year olds!

  3. Women’s bodies fundamentally begin changing from the minute they become pregnant, therefore modification for all phases is important, however they do not necessarily have to be easier.

  4. Exercise is so good for pregnant women that they are advised to start even if they are already pregnant.

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