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I can’t help but compare what the fitness industry tells me is important, or my perception of what they’re saying is important, such as # cutesmile, #sixpack, #shredded… and what is actually important, like #continence, #confidence, and #keepingupwiththegrandkids.

You think you’re going to care about your six pack when you can’t hold your own grandchild?

You think you’re going to care about your body fat percentage when you’re wearing continence pads?

You think you’re going to care about your wrinkles when you’re too sick to leave your house?

You think you care about the shape of your boobs when you don’t have the strength to get off the floor after a fall??

Furthermore, i can’t help but feel that as trainers, we are doing ourselves a disservice when we continue to push the fact that what we look like is all that’s meaningful, all that’s worth achieving, and what makes us valuable.

Fact: you are going to get old.

Fact: you will likely get sick at some point.

Fact: your pregnancy and post-birth recovery will probably not go to plan, and you’ll probably never get your “pre baby body” back.
So if your whole business is based on your appearance, and that is all you have of value to offer, then it’s a temporary gig.

We can bring enormous, life changing results to our client’s lives by focusing on what is really important; and when we do, we will also be positioning our businesses for long-term relevance. So, let’s talk about what is life changing results, beyond weight loss and bodyfat %…

  1. When you can physically do something that brings you joy… have you ever considered what it is like to be so overweight that you can’t walk to the park and push your child on the swing? YES, weight loss will help in this case, but so will strength and mobility. If their body isn’t so stiff, it will be easier to move, and if it’s stronger, they’ll be more able to cope with their weight.
  2. When you are disease free… you can carry a little extra around your middle and be perfectly healthy. You wake up energised, you feel love and happiness throughout your day, you get enough rest, enough exercise, enough connection, enough nutrients… life is enough. Come to this from a diseased state – for example, reverse your diabetes or solve your incontinence, and you have a recipe for an exhilarated, thriving, and truly life-changing training product!
  3. When you are pain free… if you’ve ever “done” your back, had an excruciating period, or have knees that refuse to ascend or descend stairs, then you know the value of being pain free. Chronic pain is relentless, exhausting, and debilitating, and movement can reduce and sometimes reverse this state.
  4. When you feel confident about doing something. If you’ve ever felt like a deer in headlights because you’ve got a bikini on at the beach, imagine what it’s like to
    Not. Give. A. Shit.
    Pretty nice feeling, aye!

Furthermore, if your business is about supporting people through cancer, curing incontinence, boosting confidence, or resolving chronic pain, you have a business that will stand the test of time and relevance; despite what you may look like!

Remember, life about how you LIVE, not about how you look.