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The official statistic is 80% – of all the women you train, 80% will have kids. If half of your clients are women, then it’s certain that the vast majority will be mothers, or go on to become mothers. This is significant because of the major physical, hormonal, emotional, lifestyle, and mental changes that occur before, during, and after this process. We, as trainers, cannot escape the physical consequences of motherhood – from what occurred during her pregnancy, to her birth story, to the changes in activities of daily life that occur once the baby has arrived – these have major impacts on how a woman’s body moves.

Add on to this the physical impact of stress, sleep deprivation, and injury, and you have yourself a whole new client compared to the same woman you trained before a baby!

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So why isn’t pregnancy and post natal education included in the standard education for personal trainers? if 80% of 50% of our client base are mums, is that not a significant enough sample of people to be included in the “normal” fitness training qualification?

Right now, it is considered “niche”, if 80% of 50% can be considered “niche”. We argue that it’s not niche, that it’s “normal”, “common”, the “regular” way of being a woman, and needs to be addressed as such.

By including pregnancy and post natal information in our certificate 4 in fitness, we are communicating that we recognize the extent to which women go on to have kids, we recognize that the changes that their bodies undergo is significant, and we recognize that, in order to train them appropriately, we need to understand what they’ve gone through (or are going to go through).

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