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I think the chorus of voices is growing… education for training women is insufficient. It’s not like women are rare in our client bases. In fact, Pregnant women are rarer yet there are more courses training us to look after them than there are courses to help us serve women generally!

The assumption is that our basic certificate 3 or 4 is enough. However, what that assumption misses is that the entire course is based on studies performed on men. There is a nod to some phases of a woman life – like pregnancy – but not enough in-depth exploration of a woman’s daily, weekly, or monthly phases.

There are more and more courses we can participate in, and i would recommend doing ALL of them; Burrell Education, IntoYou, Nardia Norman, Jen Dugard, Stacey Simms, and Girls Gone Strong (to name just a few) all have fabulous content and courses, and i’ll be talking later this month about why you should do ALL of them!

Face to face collaboration

One thing we are missing, however, is face to face collaboration, with a view to improve not just your service to your current clients; but increase your experience with female clients. Our Women’s Health Mentorship is addressing exactly this – boost your experience from borrowing experiences from other trainers and clients!

This leg up in your experience will play out as a boost to your reputation and business, as we increase your ability’s, supercharge your results, and help you communicate how wonderful you are to prospective clients! You do not have to have done our courses to participate in this group.

So how exactly are we going to help your business?

  • With real, in depth, studies of real-people cases: this means that you learn to train people, injuries, illnesses, and situations that you’ve never seen before in your current practice.
  • With business coaching: Clare Hozack is an internationally accredited business coach who has a passion for female sole traders. Women need confidence, assurance, and support before they start to realise how incredible they are, and Clare is the one to show them!
  • These real-life case studies will lift your experience above other trainers: while the trainer down the other end of the park has never heard of a prolapse, you’ve not only hear of one but you’ve got to plan to rehab it – or in the very least, do no more harm!
    Once you “get” the systems we learn over and over in the Mentorship, you can apply it to any circumstance: systems are power. Systems mean you don’t have to know all the answers, they empower you with the confidence to know what comes next, without needing to diagnose injuries or imbalances!

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  • You’ll develop a reputation with physio’s and doctors in your community: and once you gain their confidence, they won’t be comfortable sending their clients to anyone else. This one will take some time, but these networks are both vital for your business, and offer the most rewarding customers, the ones where you can do the most good with what you know.
  • The study group is an opportunity to bounce ideas BEFORE inflicting them on a real life client! Because we encourage you to send your healthscreen electronically, you’ll get a heads up on any tricky client well before you see them in person. This gives you an opportunity to do your research, and consult the “brains trust” of our group – who may have seen the same issue before. This is great to help guide you in what direction to take, but also in what to avoid, their mistakes and pitfalls are easily avoided by you, as you learn from their journey!
  • The group will also help your business because it’s an opportunity to bounce ideas from real people that you know, not random people on a general, all welcome Facebook group. This is important because after a few sessions you’ll get to know each person personally. Some of us have more experience than others, but you’ll know that, and be able to adjust the importance of their advice accordingly. Conversely, in some some groups reserved for promoting an education company’s products, many participants aren’t actually qualified to comment – it’s a slippery slope asking for advice there!

I have achieved some of my best health results from a naturopath who had zero experience; all she had was an open mind because she’d never had a case like mine before. She did heaps of testing for this reason, and tried things that other naturopaths had never thought of. The goal of our study group will be to maintain that open mind, building systems to gather as much information as possible, and building on our real-life experience in training women – all at the same time.

Your first Study Group session is free, and if you introduce another trainer, that session is also free!

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