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On first impression, this “liking” Mama Clients to do Olympic Lifts might seem the antithesis of the message we preach; that is that they FIRST rehabilitate, and train SECOND. However, when you look at the multitude of physical tasks they have to perform, it makes sense (or it will soon) for a Mum to have the skills to be able to perform an Olympic Lift. There are two lifts that i am going to discuss today, the Clean and Press, and the Deadlift.

The Clean and Press

The Clean and Press requires powerful muscle fibres, and good timing. It utilises many muscles throughout the body, and also balance. Finally, because of the multitude of muscles, there’s a great cardio benefit as well.

Now, we are NOT suggesting that you throw a Clean and Press on all your mama clients today! What we are suggesting, is that you begin working towards it right away.

  1. Get their pelvic floor checked by a women’s health physio.
  2. Teach them the skill of intrinsic core synergy.
  3. Break the movement down in to squats, rows, and shoulder press (and more); coordinate the breath and pelvic floor lift with the exertion.
  4. Begin to throw from the deadlift.
  5. Add each component one at a time.
  6. Voila! Clean and Press!

Each stage is competency based. That is; she proceeds when she can do it, not at any given time! To learn more about the 6 Step Restore Your Core process, check out our online course here.

The Clean and Press will teach your mama clients to:

  • Control momentum, which is important when it’s a child, not a bar, in your arms!
  • Train powerful muscle fibres, which makes life easier.
  • Trains a squat, deadlift, and shoulder press at the same time, meaning your sessions can be shorter because you’re doing a lot at once! In addition, this exercise trains the muscles to work together, and challenges balance as the bar moves through space. This is relevant for a mum because they also have weights to lift and move through space, and they’re not always still and predicable like a bar!
  • Perform a simple movement that can easily be synchronised with pelvic floor breath

Here are a couple of moves that a Clean and Press will help a mama perform:


The deadlift is a move that occurs either as a lift, or as a movement, multiple times on a daily basis.

Because it is performed so frequently, it is really really really important for our mama clients to do it well, and yes, i’m asking you to start today.

  1. Get their pelvic floor checked by a women’s health physio.
  2. Teach them the skill of intrinsic core synergy.
  3. Start with a light resistance band.
  4. Progress to loading it.
  5. Add variety through coming off centre, adding twists, steps, and other moves, going to single leg, or changing up the tools you use (TRX or cable anyone>).
  6. Voila! Deadlift!

We love a deadlift in our mama client’s programs because:

  • It mimics so many mummy moves (see below).
  • Increases flexibility in the hamstrings, perfect for someone who is bending over all the time!
  • It will have a direct impact on lifting better at home.
  • It is simple to synchronise with breath and pelvic floor.
  • It is easy to add variety and make this exercise even more specific with arm extension and coming off centre.

Here are some moves that a Deadlift will help your mama’s perform:


The list is endless!! So if you want your mum’s performing at their best, teach them these two big lifts, you won’t regret it!