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When we asked Barbara for a testimonial on her training at IntoYou, her reply was “Absolutely, happy to do this!“. Whilst we LOVE our studio and the culture we have created, nothing beats these moments with a client where they literally bubble over in excitement when they’re talking about us!

On Barbara’s first impression, she said “I was pretty worried about going as I had only ever done circuit training in a gym before and didn’t really know what to expect. I was quickly put at ease as IntoYou is a very friendly and welcoming environment. Each exercise was clearly demonstrated and explained and there was no pressure to complete it hastily  – the emphasis was on doing it correctly which is obviously far more beneficial. After my first session I felt invigorated and confident – couldn’t wait to go back for more!

This lack of confidence is a common theme in our Grandma clients. The messages which are being communicated in the mainstream media on gyms and fitness are very intense – high intensity training, absolute fatigue, six packs, and sweat are the order of the day. Not so at IntoYou!

Barbara says “Training at IntoYou is one of my favourite times of the week. I really enjoy training because:- 

  • I enjoy the challenge;
  • Trainers are confident and practical;
  • Trainers are highly skilled;
  • I feel valued;
  • Very friendly environment;
  • I can see and feel the results;
  • Perfect location – I live just across the road;
  • Jade is usually my “lucky” trainer and she is fantastic – knows her stuff and has a great personality!

In addition to feeling valued and cared for, Barbara has learned a lot. She had 5 kids, many of whom have gone on to have kids of their own. On this she says I’m “More conscious of core and pelvic floor and when to engage them. I think I’m fitter and stronger and have developed necessary muscle and tone. I feel more confident in myself and am more aware of the importance of proper nutrition and regular exercise.” and “I most definitely would recommend IntoYou to everyone under the sun!

This is most definitely a massive pat on the back for all the trainers, especially Jade, who have taken care of Barbara over the past couple of years.

THANK YOU Barbara for training with us, inspiring us, and making life more fun with your bubbly energy!

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