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Help Your Clients Succeed: Part 3 – Style Workshop

We all get in to Personal Training because we want to change lives, and make a difference to our clients… But how many actually achieve what they set out to do? What if there were things you could say, do, and show them, that would enhance their chances of success? Well, there is! That is what this course is all about! YOU are going to be THAT trainer, who actually changes lives!

The Style Workshop is your chance to get one on one with a real Stylist, and absorb their expertise. You will also be present while other people do the same, exponentially expanding your knowledge and experience. This will mean that you instantly become more stylish, and are in a position to give real advice based on real experience to your friends and clients!

We are taking expressions of interest for 2021 now! Email us to register!


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Course Description

The Style Workshop is a stand-alone opportunity to meet with a Real Stylist for 4-hours of advice, tips, and education. This workshop is in a group environment, and there will be some repetition as different people are assessed and advised. This opportunity is a perfect complement to our “Help Your Client’s Succeed” Course if you are a kinesthetic learner, or wish for some personal direction. Alternatively, you can meet with Charlie in the IntoYou Studio (Sydney’s Northern Beaches) for a completely one-on-one session with our Styling YOU Consultations.


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