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Expression of Interest: Integrative Health Coaching

This is a free, 15min consult to decide if Integrative Health Coaching is for you. Please complete your details and i will get back to you with a time and zoom details. If know it’s for you and you’re ready to go, then book here now.


Course Description

Integrated Health Coaching is for you if:

  • You’re living with chronic disease and want to take your power back over when, where, and how you experience flare ups
  • You’re unwell but unable to get a diagnosis
  • You’re at the end of the road with what conventional medicine can offer you
  • You’re sick of being sick, sore, or tired all the time
  • You’ve got massive period pain, menstrual blood loss, or irregular periods
  • You’re peri-menopausal and want to blunt the sides of your hormonal rollercoaster
  • You’re a woman